Where is the best place to trade bitcoin ?

Top crypto exchanges

It is very convenient to trade all popular digital currencies on this site, including bitcoin. Derivatives can be used in trading. The latter is most suitable for experienced traders who manage serious assets.

It’s very nice that the exchange allows you to trade bitcoin with 100x leverage. That is why this site is optimal for automated trading. I recommend using the auto trading service to increase trading efficiency.

Bitmex digital currency exchange started its work five years ago, in 2014. Now in its listing there are all the most popular tokens:

Bitcoin Cash, etc.
The trading volume of the exchange fluctuates around 4 billion US dollars, which is very, very solid. The disadvantage of the exchange is the inability to withdraw funds in fiat. Withdrawing money through a bank transfer would have an excessive fee and delay your order processing time. In addition, any large amounts deposited by users cannot immediately come out of their account after 30 days since it requires verification/proof of withdrawal from exchanges or payments processor companies. BitMEX offers no such kind option so Bitcoin cash will remain legal once more until end-of last year – at least one week before BCH transactions begin taking place officially. (See video below)

“Dangerous” business model…?
I am not going into technical details here but every single transaction we’ve ever done has been approved as legitimate according to relevan.

The EXMO cryptocurrency platform, unlike Bitmex, supports many well-known fiat, including Russian rubles. A great advantage of the exchange is the ability to use popular Russian payment systems, including WM, Yandex Money, Qiwi, etc. That is why EXMO can rightfully be called the most popular exchange in the post-Soviet space. Currently, more than 750 thousand people are trading on the site. The company is headquartered in England. More than 40-50 million US dollars are circulated on the exchange per day. This is a very good indicator that speaks about the success of the site.

Like Bitmex, EXMO allows you to buy and sell all popular digital currencies, including the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The exchange commission is 0.2%. However we found it advantageous for both traders who wish not necessarily seek out foreign exchanges but rather prefer an English based one which provides them with tools by which they could effectively execute trades inside their country. But what’s nice here is that money transfer options such as Western Union or credit cards work extremely smoothly without any problems from us at Wistiq Exchange (we hope). We recently had successful transactions between users located abroad using these methods so if anyone does want some assistance this would be highly recommended. On top XoomExchange also offers multiple online wallet services – One ID / Password + QR code login; Two ATM password system built into its website plus.

The Localbitcoins platform has been operating for seven years, and thus can be recognized as one of the oldest in the world. Its place of registration is Finland. This is a neighbor of Russia, so the exchange supports the Russian language and is generally suitable for residents of the post-Soviet space.

Localbitcoins provides intermediary services. Traders trade with each other and the exchange maintains security and guarantees the execution of orders. Thus, fraud on the site is practically excluded (if you do not take into account various cunning schemes). The seller and the buyer deposit their bitcoins and fiat, and the system then makes the exchange. Everyone gets theirs. After successful completion of the transaction, you can award points to your trading partner or leave a comment. Thus, the reputation system works on the exchange, which further increases the security of trading. All transactions are stored offline by default. With these terms, customers make trust that they will keep all information secure before starting any financial order. Since it runs directly from users’ digital wallets, no middleman ever sees nor receives credit card numbers; moreover Bitcoin transfers run smoothly through the currency network at speed. Customers also benefit from high liquidity – there’s almost infinite amounts available regardless if anyone wants them or just because local businesses depend heavily upon foreign currencies. Because Bitcoins always stay online even after rebroadcasts/transactions complete, miners have an incentive never lose valuable coins: those mines would otherwise get shut down without notice.”