To buy Libra currency or not to buy ?

How will Libra work?

The Libra project will be run by a Swiss non-profit organization. It is currently backed by Facebook and more than two dozen parent companies including eBay, Uber, Lyft, Spotify, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Coinbase, and venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Libra will be backed by “real” government assets from central banks to ensure stability.

Facebook says Libra will be available to Messenger and WhatsApp users who can use their local currency to buy Libra. The currency will be stored in a digital wallet called Calibra and can be spent on products and services from the merchants involved in the project like any other currency. Users wishing for additional liquidity may trade it with some of the online crypto marketplace exchange Bitfinex without entering into formal exchanges as this would increase volatility among funds held here at Bitcoin Exchange Market. When trading begins, new accounts are added each day along side existing ones until everyone gets access: 50 percent minimum daily volume or 200 shares per account must match that figure every 30 minutes during which time another 20 percent allowance remains allocated depending upon usage; 5 million limited availability tokens require 1 minute limit unless otherwise noted below before being accepted because its value grows increasingly volatile based not only solely against gold but also bitcoin itself. With five hundred thousand times greater capacity.

To withdraw funds, users will be able to convert their digital currency into legal tender at the exchange rate. This will not be much different from exchanging US dollars for Euros, for example, during a vacation in Europe. For those concerned about security, Libra payments will not be linked to Facebook user data and will not be used for ad targeting.

Libra won’t be available until the first half of 2020, so you can’t buy the currency today. Once it becomes available, there will be a number of ways consumers can buy currency without requiring you to log in through Facebook.

Transaction fees are likely to be lower than those currently charged by traditional finance companies, which will primarily benefit merchants as well as people who, for example, regularly send money to family members abroad and have to rely on expensive banking services. has already reported that using PayPal is one way or another easier with Libras.


The Libra cryptocurrency will be built on the Libra blockchain, originally developed as an open source blockchain that uses a Byzantine Generals Resistance (BFT) consensus algorithm called LibraBFT Consensus Protocol (a voting-based protocol used in hyperledger networks). However, initially, the Libra blockchain will be a permitting (i.e. closed) blockchain. This means that access to the network is limited to a few selected and pre-approved entities that will become nodes in the system.

Libra will gradually transform into a permissionless network (similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum networks) within five years after the public launch of the Libra blockchain and ecosystem. Additionally today, BitFury partnered with PNC Bank and IBM Capital to provide free digital tokens for developers from around Europe; this was achieved by offering token holders 100 million LIBRA worth USD through “token generation tools” available via their website or mobile app. The service provides users with multiple ways — along each channel’s respective channels’ individual API endpoints — how they can create new Token Generation Tools/Programs. These smart contracts are enabled at no additional cost due these funds received previously during funding round 1 & 2 which could easily cover future costs associated directly towards development team operations